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Medical translations and accompaniment during doctor appointments

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Anyone who wants to benefit from the top quality of German medicine but does not speak German is dependent on the support of translators and interpreters. Medical translation is a complex and particularly sensitive task. On the one hand, the translators need medical expertise and extensive experience in order to translate medical content correctly and accurately. On the other hand, the accompaniment during visits to the doctor comprises a wide range of tasks from organisational assistance to emotional support. Are you looking for professional specialist translators for your medical documents or do you need competent support during visits to the doctor in Russian, German or another language? Then you have come to the right place.

Professional medical translations

In the case of epicrisis, medical certificates, findings from examinations and other medical texts the requirements for the fidelity and accuracy of the translation are extremely high. The medical contents should be understandable both for the patient as well as the doctors providing further treatment. There needs to be paid special attention to the differences between the respective health systems, including names of medicine and diagnoses. As experts in medical translations we offer years of experience in the field of medical translations and our team includes doctors who translate your medical records competently and correctly.

Certified medical translations

If you need a medical translation to present to an authority it needs to be certified. If the authority is based abroad, you might also need pre-certification and an apostille for the original document. We are happy to inform you on the correct form of medical documents and legislations. Moreover, we can tell you where to get the pre-certification and the apostille. If you do not have the time or the resources, we are happy to take care of all the formalities and prepare a valid certified medical translation.

How quickly can medical texts be translated?

The time limit for translations of medical texts varies greatly regarding the extent and complexity of the source text. We can translate simple certificates and findings up to one page within 1 or 2 workdays. If you have several pages and different findings, but only need the most important data, we will prepare a summarized translation in the target language within a few days. For bigger medical jobs we also make an effort to complete the translation as quickly as possible.

What can I expect from an accompaniment during doctor appointments?

When interpreting in a hospital or visiting a doctor we make sure that all communication runs smoothly and that nothing important gets left out. We pay special attention to the exact and correct translation of technical terms and other contents. Moreover, we take care of organisational communication with the practice or clinic staff, we will explain all the details to you and be by your side throughout the whole treatment.

Additional services regarding medical translations

For foreign patients who would like to get examined or treated in Germany, we offer much more than just translations. We are happy to advise you on visa issues and medical options for your case. We can also find the best specialist clinics and doctors, organize appointments and help you with other tasks according to your wishes to make your stay in Germany as productive and pleasant as possible. We also offer consultations for people interested in studying medicine in Germany.